Tips to take proper before and after pictures

Every new year, it’s almost everyone’s goal to become fit again after all the eating we did during the holidays. When we check social media, we can see lots of pictures taken to show the progress of one’s fitness journey. Most of these photos show the before and after captioned with details about their fitness goals.

If you are on the same journey, then it is important to document your progress. Taking before and after photos of your body can help you monitor the changes to keep you on track. The photos you took can also be your inspiration so you’ll feel motivated to reach your goals.

We’ll give you some tips to have the best before and after photos for your fitness project.

Tip #1  High-quality camera

While mobile phone cameras have gone a long way in taking pictures, it may not be the ideal tool to take before and after pictures. The best option is a DSLR camera in order to produce the highest quality picture possible, especially if you have undergone body treatments like liposuction. You can get better results for your vaser liposuction before and after photos if you use high-quality cameras like DSLR. Note that you don’t really have to spend much. A DSLR camera is ideal but not really necessary. 

Tip # 2 Wear proper clothing

For you to know if there have really been changes in your body, you need to actually see the changes. It’s impossible for you to see if changes have happened if you wear loose shirts or baggy shorts. These kinds of clothing can hide some of your body parts, so you won’t really know if there is an improvement or not.

Some body parts should be visible, like stomach, arms and legs to know if there has been weight loss or gain. You should also be able to see if you have formed some muscles in these areas. Wearing activewear like a sports bra, fitted shorts or swimwear is best.

Tip # 3 Wear the same clothing

Wear the same clothing on both your before and after photos. If you can’t wear the same set of clothes, then at least wear something that is similar to you before the photo. This will help you spot on changes easily. If you indeed lose some weight, you will notice that on how the clothing appears on your after photos.

Tip # 4 Plain background

Make sure that you take your picture on a plain wall. If there are clutters or distracting objects in your pictures, then it would be hard to spot the progress. As much as possible, stand on the same spot each time you take your photos. If you use different places, it will be hard to get accurate readings.

Tip # 5 Same time

Our body weight actually fluctuates throughout the day. Depending on our water and food intake, the weighing scale may tell us that we have lost or gained a few pounds in just a matter of an hour or two. Funny right?

To track your body as accurately as possible, take yours before and after photos at the same time of the day. Ideally, it should be in the morning after going to the toilet as it is the best time where you can get the most accurate representation of your body.

Tips # 6. Get the right angles

In order to see the overall scope of how your body is changing, you need to take photos of the right angles; front, side and back. This way, you can monitor the changes happening in your abs, arms and back. Always choose the same side for consistent photo results.

Tip # 7 Once a week

In your fitness journey, you follow a routine and stick with it. Note that progress is not seen overnight. It takes time to actually see the improvement. Taking your picture once a week is ideal as taking more than one during the week can be misleading.

Maybe take a picture of yourself every Monday morning and do it on the same day, same time every week. If you have not noticed an improvement after a week, then don’t be discouraged. Remember that each body is different. If you have not seen progress after some time, then maybe you need to revise your diet plan or your fitness activities.